Tree Pruning


A process to remove dead, dying and diseased timber from within the crown of a tree, in order to maintain a trees health and safety.


A method of pruning to improve the light penetration and increases air flow through the tree canopy, by the selective removal of branches. The thining of foliage at the branch tips can also be used to reduce weight and the potential for limb failure.


Crown lifting is the removal of selected branches and limbs from the lower part of the trees crown thus lifting the crowns overall height. Depending on the location of the tree, this process is generally performed to ensure vehicles and people can pass safely underneath avoiding accidents and injury.


To prune back the ends of branches in order to reduce the crown of a tree to a more compact size whilst retaining its natural shape. This can also be carried out on selective branches to reduce weight on over extended limbs, in order to reduce the potential for limb failure.


This is carried out on younger trees. The pruning is designed to encourage a balanced structure to be formed as the tree matures, the ideal result being a well balanced mature tree with a sound structure. The added benefit of this technique is that if kept up every few years the size and growing habit of the tree can be relatively managed.


It is import to ensure that when engaging an arborist to carry out pruning on a significant tree that they are suitably qualified. Reports should be followed to ensure that the pruning is consistent with AS4373-2007 Pruning of Aminity Trees. Pruning should be carried out by arborists with a minimum of Cert lll in Arboriculture. All of Pinnacle Tree Cares arborists are suitable qualied to carry out all significant tree pruning.

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